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Product & Function

We've been in the biotechnology field for many years and we realized that existing wastewater treatments are not safe for water resources truely. Balancing the natural treatment is the best way to preserve water sustainably.

It was the idea of making this treatment as efficient as possible, in a natural way by using the bioelectrochemical technique of BioCircuit, which offer well fit any scale.

Let's take a look at the evolution of the BioCircuit system:

BioCircuit - Waste water treatment

The problem


The water pollution is leading to a world water crisis.
We must act now!

Bio-Circuit - Waste water treatment

The solution


• Easy setup (any scale)
• Remove toxic subs
• 10 x faster with 90 % power saving

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Bio-Circuit - Waste water treatment

The result


Become your own water supplier and reuse your wastewater. Independent of others. Be sustainable. Save the world and money!


Here you can watch BioCircuit info-videos.


Inno Green Tech - การบำบัดน้ำเสีย โรงงานขนาดใหญ่

Inno Green Tech - การบำบัดน้ำเสีย โรงงานขนาดเล็ก





We commit to create innovation product following the environmental balance concept idea.

The BioCircuit was developed beyond wastewater treatment for community and environmental sustainability which meet the SDGs 6 and 13.

Carbon Credit

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission is another major effect of global warming. The current world situation, a greenhouse gas emissions measurement was set at all industrial levels.

The wastewater treatment plants are often neglected part of controlling greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, our company is focusing to the great opportunity of BioCircuit innovations that able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.



If you have any questions or need more information,
we are happy to advise you for free of charge.

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